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Lanson Place Hotel, Hong Kong Partners with Community Project under Tung Wah Group of Hospitals to Co-organise the i-dArt-in-Residence cum Exhibition & Workshop

4 August 2017, Hong Kong Renowned for its neo-classical French architecture and award-winning hospitality, Lanson Place Hotel, Hong Kong has long been devoted to the community it serves. To arouse public’s attention, promote inclusion to the disabled and support local art development, the boutique hotel will partner with i-dArt, a community project under Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs), to co-organise the i-dArt-in-Residence cum Exhibition from 10 to 23 August 2017. During the exhibition period, the public will have the opportunity to interact with two artists-in-residence, as well as take part in the Experiential Japanese SAORI Workshop on 19 August, experiencing at firsthand how it is like to create art under physical barriers.

At the i-dArt-in-Residence cum Exhibition jointly organised by Lanson Place Hotel, Hong Kong and i-dArt, two local artists with varying abilities are invited to create an original masterpiece in the hotel’s European courtyard The Leighton, by re-interpreting what they see inside the hotel and the nearby Causeway Bay neighbourhood with their paint brushes.

Lam Siu-leung, Artist-in-Residence

Siu-leung has a strong passion in painting and is talented in colour-mixing and capturing human figures. Like a long-distance runner, he runs with his own rhythm in the creation process. His works are colourful and energetic, portraying vivid moments of human portraits.

Lam Siu-leung, Artist-in-Residence          Lam Siu-leung

  Look at it! - by Lam Siu-leung
“Look at it!”

Mok Wai-chee, Gigi, Artist-in-Residence

When Gigi was young, she was deeply influenced by her elder sister, who was a Chinese water-painting artist. She was fascinated by her sister’s artwork at that time and wished to follow her footsteps. However, being born during the wartime, Gigi was not able to realise her ambitions until today. At the special care home for visually impaired elderly where she stayed, her dream of being a painting artist finally came true. Gigi’s strength is in sketching. She is also a perfectionist with high requirements in her own work.

Mok Wai-chee, Gigi, Artist-in-Residence               Mok Wai-chee, Gigi

Kapok - by Mok Wai-chee, Gigi“Kapok”

Complementing the two artists-in-residence, this exhibition will also showcase the paintings and ceramic works of eight different artists with varying abilities. With each of them possessing their own distinctive style, they will tell their story on how they perceive the world through art by overcoming physical or intellectual impediments. All artworks are open for public purchase during the exhibition period and the proceeds of the artwork will be used on the art development for people with different abilities as well as for their self-reliance.

In addition, those who wish for a more in-depth experience of working under barriers can join the Experiential Japanese SAORI Workshop. Originated from Japan, the SAORI has been a recognised hand-weaving technique promoting the free expression of oneself, regardless of age, gender, disability or intellectual aptitude. By wearing special lenses and gears, participants will have the chance to view from a unique angle and weave their own SAORI fabric by overcoming visual and physical obstacles. Participants are also welcome to bring home their DIY weaved work afterwards. i-dArt has also invited silver angels from TWGHs Wong Shiu Ching Centre for the Elderly to take part in an experiential art workshop session during the exhibition period.

Experiential Japanese SAORI Workshop
Experiential Japanese SAORI Workshop

Special equipment for the Experiential SAORI Workshop
By wearing special lenses and gears, participants will have the chance to create art
from a unique angle by overcoming visual and physical obstacles.


Ms. Alicia Too, General Manager of Lanson Place Hotel, Hong Kong, said, “We strongly believe that art has always been the best way to express one’s thoughts and emotions freely. Each art piece possesses its own character, story and soul, which are granted solely by its creator. Anyone, regardless of age, social status or ability, has this powerful ability to create art. Following last year’s success of the expressive art therapy workshop for local primary students, this year we are thrilled to be collaborating with i-dArt under Tung Wah Group of Hospitals to continue our efforts in supporting the local community through art. We hope to raise more public awareness on those who are physically and mentally challenged, promote social inclusion and encourage these community members to actively participate in art.”

香港Lanson Place HotelLanson Place Hotel, Hong Kong, award-winning boutique hotel in Causeway Bay


The Leighton, Lanson Place Hotel, Hong KongThe i-dArt-in-Residence cum Exhibition will be held at The Leighton, G/F of the hotel

i-dArt-in-Residence cum Exhibition

Date: 10 – 23 August 2017
Venue: The Leighton, Lanson Place Hotel, Hong Kong, 133 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
Time: Open all day
Artists-in-Residence: Lam Siu-leung, Mok Wai-chee, Gigi
Exhibiting Artists: Lau Cheuk-kam, Cheng Ka-yan, Chiu Mo-yim, Man Yuen-chun, Li Fuk-wing, Chan Che-shing, Leung Iat-hong, Keung Wai-kai

Experiential Japanese SAORI Workshop

Date: 19 August 2017
Time: 2:30 – 5:00 pm
Venue: The Leighton, Lanson Place Hotel, Hong Kong, 133 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
Fee: HKD 250 per person
Application: Advance registration is required. Seats are on a first-come, first-served basis. Please apply on the i-dArt Facebook event page on or before 16 August. Upon submitting the application, you will be further contacted on the payment instructions. For the latest event updates, please refer to the i-dArt website and email notification.

For more event details of i-dArt-in-Residence cum Exhibition, please email or call 34826163.

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About i-dArt

Art is a barrier-free common language. To appreciate beautiful things and to do creation freely are inborn abilities and rights of human beings. The focus of art appreciation should be on the power that the creators give to their creations and also their abilities, instead of their intelligence or physical ability. Holding such beliefs, i-dArt connects people with different abilities and explores more possibilities and creative spaces in the community. In addition, we encourage more people with different abilities to participate in art so as to promote social inclusion.


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